Shelia D Collins

My deepest condolences to you all.

Jennifer was such a dedicated fighter for social justice. Her commitment to our struggle for freedom in SA reflected a lifetime of service to those who were brutalized by apartheid. And she continued her service long after we won democracy in 1994.  Jennifer’s facility for organizing disparate reams of information and conducting research on the unglamorous but absolutely critical economic ties between the U.S. and South Africa–research that was used by journalists, African liberation leaders, legislators and anti-apartheid activists–was perhaps her distinctive gift to the anti-colonial and anti-apartheid movements as was her anti-imperialist focus.

Her role is memorialized in my forthcoming biography of George Houser and the role played by the ACOA in the anti-colonial struggle.  Ubuntu: George M. Houser and the Struggle for Peace and Freedom on Two Continents is scheduled for a fall 2020 publication by the Ohio University Press.

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