Jay Naidoo

Dear Jennifer,
I know that you have passed on. But your Spirit still remains with us. Guiding us towards the Absolute Truth. There are many lessons from your life. I hope we will remember and pass them on to the next generations.

You were always there for us. Even in our personal capacity. I remember as if it was yesterday you hosting me and the woman I married twenty nine years ago, Lucie Pagé, from Montreal. I proposed to her in your apartment. And we are happily still together with three beautiful children and now two grandchildren.

So your influence cast far beyond politics and struggle to also embrace us all with the love and compassion of your sincere humanity. Your life was an example of what it means to be human. I learnt so much from you.

Thank you for always being there. Your spirit will always touch my heart.

Hamba Khahle, my dear sister.

Jay Naidoo – Founding General Secretary of COSATU.
Former Minister in Nelson Mandela’s Cabinet.

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