Janice McLaughlin, MM

The world has lost a wonderful human being. Jen introduced me to the art of lobbying back in 1974 when she asked  Maryknoll Sisters to join ACOA in opposing the appointment of Nathaniel Davis as Assistant Secretary for African Affairs. Maryknoll chose me to help write and deliver our submission to Congress through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Jennifer was there for me every step of the way. She sometimes came to visit me at Maryknoll when I was in the States and we met several times in Zimbabwe and during the elections in South Africa in 1994. Her wisdom and commitment to end apartheid and to create a new multiracial society that served all South Africans were unmatchable. I believe that she will continue to be an advocate for a better world from her new home. Thanks for letting me know of her passing.

Janice McLaughlin, MM

Harare, Zimbabwe

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